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Fonts, icons and Designs for Bootstraping
Here are some of the resources for selecting attractive fonts/icons and designs for bootstrapping for your website
  • Fonts: Font Awesome is the industry standard for creating beautiful fonts for Bootstapped website
  • Icons: IconFinder is the best free (or extremely cheap in case not free) resource for brilliant colorful icons. The icons are available in all standard sizes (I have used all sizes from 32 X 32 to 512 X 512).
  • Photos: iStockPhoto is a set of slightly expensive photo collection to use along with icons. The photos can be bought by using points and points can be earned either by paying or by uploading pictures.
  • Lauching soon placeholder: LaunchRock is a set of 'Launching Soon' web templates. I haven't used them yet, will get to it soon though!
  • Social Buttons: Here is a set of beautifully created social buttons for bootstrap. Works best with Font Awesome Library
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