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Twitter Botstrap, Jetstrap and Responsive Design
This post is all about multiple online tools to create wireframing for a new website and start a new business. Most of the references are from an excellent class on Coursera on Startup Engineering. I have listed them here for a quick reference. Most of the design principles today rest on responsive design, a webpage that floats and re-adjusts itself based on the device and screen-size. Writing pixel-perfect and custom CSS for such a design in a time-consuming task.
  • Twitter bootstrap is the authoritative style for such design. Here is a link
  • There is a web-based, template-based WYSWYG tool for quickly building bootstrap'ed websites: Jetstrap
  • Other notable resources are: (1) Themoforest , A set of paid webpage themes (2) 99Designs , still more expensive and (3) dribbble, more like StackOverflow for design. You can also hire a designer on a contract.
Finally, reading Design books might also be a viable option for non-designers. The Non-Designer's Design Book by Robin Williams is an excellent starting point.
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