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Multithreading in C++
I remember using C++ pthread_mutex's in ancient past (well, during undergraduate years). That was my entire exposure to multithreading. Well, that and a little of Java's Thread. That was till last week. Like everything else, C++ multithreading has been give a boost (pun, eh) with boost library. Here, in nutshell is how it works:
  • Every boost::thread requires an object of type callable, with a operator() overloaded.
  • The object passed to a thread must be callable. If not, it's best to pass a shared_ptr to the object.
  • The boost::thread object itself is not copyable. But it can be placed in a move-aware container. I found it best to create a vector of shared_ptr's to thread objects and pass them to boost::Thread_group using an add_thread method.
  • Thread synchronization is achieved by simply calling join on Thread or join_all on Thread_group
Check this for more on threads.
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