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My very first iPhone app
Hello World! I am thrilled to announce that my very first iPhone app - iGlassDoor - is ready for sale on App store. iGlassDoor brings information from, the premiere online jobs and salaries community, customized to your iPhone - that means bigger texts, more concise results and better browsing. With IGlassDoor, you can:
  • Search for jobs in your area and field of specialization. Also search the jobs by job titles you are interested in.
  • See what employers/ex-employers say about a company
  • Browse salary information anonymously posted by users
  • Take a look at interview process, first hand interview experiences and some interview questions from different companies.
  • Read latest blog posts and tweets from
Every link in the app takes you to the original webpage for more details. The Download link is here The app description page is here
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