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Puppies and fame
Came across this web-cam-site that shows five puppies in a crib, 24 X 7. Here is the link. Some say they're cute, others say it's a stupid idea. Still, according to the website, they have around 3000 active "users" at any given time, and tens of thousands of view in all. That's all for just uploading a webcam video of five puppies. Some would say that's too much reward for as minimal efforts as that. But then why didn't anyone else think of that? That's how it is. There's a significant First-Mover Advantage going on here. It might look simplistic in hindsight, but coming up with this idea of displaying sleeping puppies (yeah, they are sleeping most of the time), takes some inspiration, or spark, or call-it-whatever. While those who do, do; and those who debate, debate; I am going back to the video!
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