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I have created a github page to talk about some case-studies in system design here:
Feel free to contribute :)
Sat Jan 30 2016
I have moved my blog: both physically and technologically.

My old blog was hosted using Google App Engine which was becoming a development bottleneck and maintenance overhead. 

I have moved it to node.js, hosted on Heroku. Development was pretty fast, deployment even faster!

So, here it is. My new blog is:
Please disregard my old blog at: It won't be maintained anymore!

Here is some starter code that helped me get this blog together:

Feedback/comments/criticism gladly accepted :)
Fri Oct 16 2015
Fri Sep 26 2014
Thu Sep 04 2014
Here is an interesting map showing where most of GDP in USA is concentrated I tried to identify the rough regions represented by orange blobs. A few surprises here
  • Greater New York City Region (NY/NJ/CT/PA)
  • Greater Boston Region
  • Atlanta/NC
  • Miami
  • Detroit?
  • Chicago
  • St. Louis
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul
  • Houston
  • Dallas
  • Phoenix
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco Bay Area
  • Seattle
Sun Aug 10 2014
Summer Outside and Spring inside:
Here is the link to Coursera class on Programming patterns in Android Development: Here is a concise list of patterns in one place:
  1. Active Object Pattern
  2. Barrier Synchronization Pattern
  3. Bridge Pattern
  4. Command Processor Pattern
  5. Factory Method Pattern
  6. Guarded Suspension Pattern
  7. Half-Sync-Half-Async Pattern
  8. Monitor Object Pattern
  9. Strategy Pattern
  10. Template Method Pattern
  11. Thread-Specific Storage Pattern
I have started creating a concise wiki (in form of .md pages) on github. Here is the link:
Mon Mar 10 2014
Fri Mar 07 2014
612.. and counting.. It gets better over time (.. and addictive) Here:
Tue Feb 04 2014